Agoprofil - Porte Pensate

The constant commitment and the achieved solidity, burst open on new horizons, with the guarantee of a perfect product represented by 25 collections188 finishes and thousands of options, a huge range of doors with no equals. When creating our doors, we consider at the same time the aesthetical aspect, the usage functions and the construction features, going through the examination and the exploration of the market request and trends.

Minimal lines, contemporary tones and colours, the employment of innovative materials discern the products of these collections, aimed to attentive consumers who wish for a distinguished mark for their own environments.

Every expression of creativity turns the spaces of  your house into an exclusive, stylish corner. Our doors has been created to satisfy very sophisticated tastes. Every door, decorated and finished with craftsmen’s techniques, will be unique without a doubt. Decorating your house with our doors means character and elegance, absolute alchemy of the Art.



The company has retained, in keeping with tradition, the fundamental principles are essential to the excellence of the product: exclusive use of natural woods, selected with the utmost care. Always seek to understand the consumer and what the market wants, this to be sure of the success of our products. Professionalism is the basis of our work and we believe that our success depends on the success of our customers.



Creativity, imagination, technological and quality analysis. Designing is the base of all our products. From concept we reach perfection through all stages of production design, prototyping and development.


Any expression of creativity makes the environments of your houses an exclusive corner of style. The craftsmanship of our doors is guaranteed by talented professionalswood.



Our Mission evolves  through the years and today still resists: realize doors of very high quality that furnishes the enviroments at best with class, taste and originality in the name of italian design.

We reach our targets, maintaining respect for tradition and the fundamental principles necessary to gain the excellence of the products. Planning and realizing doors for interior with a high artistic value and design.