Contemporary Collection


Design & Creativity

Creativity, imagination, technological analysis and quality. Planning is at the base of making all of our products.

From the project we achieve the productive perfection through every intermediate stage of design, prototypes and development.

When creating our doors, we consider at the same time the aesthetical aspect, the usage functions and the construction features, going through the examination and the exploration of the market request and trends.

Minimal lines, contemporary tones and colours, the employment of innovative materials discern the products of these collections, aimed to attentive consumers who wish for a distinguished mark for their own environments.

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create your space

Easy solutions for new spaces, our ZERO-WALL systems  realized with levelled openings, are modulated   to value small spaces.
Custom-made solutions, perfectly integrated with any ambient, give a feel of continuity of the walls, ideal for cupboards, cabinets, under stairs rooms,  niches and check boards.
Feasible with different closing systems, in wooden essence, lacquered or even in the rough option for the colouring integrated with your wall.

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amazing forms

The beauty will save the world.
The shapes of the seventies revisited in contemporary version.
Here’s the big news in our vaste range of doors.
Different levels and a wide choice of colors in homage, once again, to the beauty of Made in Italy.

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simple design

Wood has always been the base for our success with doors - in this mentality was born QUADRA, perfect match of consistency and value of MASSIVE WOOD, with lightness and contemporaneousness in design.
The doors of this collection are characterized by a natural energy and, at the same time, an extreme capacity to stay unscathed through fashion years; they were thought to give movement to home spaces, always keeping an eye to style and sobriety.

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harmonious interlacing

Deep knowledge and passion grown in time are the starting point to reach perfect products. Linear design and research directed towards naturalness and authenticity, are peculiar of TWIN collection.
The combination of brushed lacquered wood with lacquered surfaces creates an odd effect, aesthetically soft. TWIN combines the modern taste taken down to essential, with the extra value of wood-touch and qualified structural performance.

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artistic fantasies

Inspiration, boldness of fantasy and imagination that guides the artist when crating its art - this is the perfect definition that characterizes our new ESTRO collection. Fully realized with the support of MI & TI Design, this innovating concept of finishing techniques has allowed to create doors with moving surfaces. Waves, wefts, reproduction of leathers are the result of lively creativity, bond with the unusual utilization of brushes, handled with wisdom.

ESTRO reveals its value in the evolution of aesthetics, enhancing the materic and chromatic tendencies; unique pieces,never equal and never repeated, true pieces of art, reinforced by a very wide sequence of colours.

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andrea castrignano

Design, picture and sculpture, are not ways of traditional expression, but originating, also, of the future. The combination between rule and chance, is life, art, fantasy and balance, and to this principle is EFFEZERO inspired to. A new collection created from partnership with sparkling Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano, and used to realize his restauration project, within the TV program CAMBIO CASA CAMBIO VITA (Change House Change Life).

By using noble materials, Andrea Castrignano has designed for us a door with a delicate profile, absolutely actual, with a great lightness effect into it. Realized in ash wood and refined with new techniques with total respect for the environment, the doors from EFFEZERO collection convey authentic and minute sensations; wide and clean surfaces combined with the softness of a natural structure suggest an effect of continuity and naturalness. When designing a door, we propose ourselves to summarize function, aesthetics and quality.

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marco golinelli

Young, easy , linear, dynamic and ready to go: these are the peculiarities of ESPRESSO, the latest collection at AGOPROFIL®.
Gradually awaken your senses with a door from the ESPRESSO collection, with smooth, soft shapes, enriched by shades of coffee, malt, cereals, vanilla and meringue.
ESPRESSO doors really simple, absolutely Italian.

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emanuele baleri

The RESIN-A collection was born from the contemporaneousness of materials.
The blend of natural mineral ingredients, high-resistance hydraulic limes, marble dusts, natural sands and water-based binding parts, has led to obtaining a covering product with extremely high characteristics such as gripping, hardness, flexibility and with a unique aesthetic softness. By only adding soils and natural pigments, one has achieved the warm and contemporary tones, and the particular procedure of the finishing guarantees the resins of the collection the washable, water-proof and chemical resistance peculiarities, as well as the final aesthetic aspect. The unique and authentic products part of the RESIN-A Collection are guaranteed by the craftsmanship through every single step of the production. The non-constant materiality, eventual signs, the not perfect coplanar system, shadows and not uniform finishing, made on purpose, are not to be considered “faults”, but rather the certainty of the value of an artistic component. Every door of RESIN-A collection will be different from another, just like a true work of art.
RESIN-A modern, contemporary lines, absolutely elegant. The doors open to new horizons.

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essential design

New shapes, designs and structures, but above all, the insertion of fresh and original wooden essences which have characterized the numerical and qualitative expansion of the YUNA Collection.
Clean, light and essential lines. Glasses skilfully integrated into wood.
Available in the finishes rovere grigio, rovere moka, rovere bruno, noce soft, noce heavy, bianco, grigio, avorio and in all the finishes RAL lacquered. The coplanar system on the hinges side allows its placing in modern, contemporary and design habitats. YUNA is basic expression of design drawn to minimalistic signs which exalt the background to recover a strict style in the greatness mark.

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wonderful harmony

Quality and Design, wonderful harmony of the surfaces as the result of technically advanced solutions and process precision, all that is INLAY.
INLAY is the new AGOPROFIL® line for the future, aimed at young people and straight to the practical mentality and taste. Aluminium inserts beautifully playing with the warmth and pleasure of the solid wood give to the INLAY doors a hint of technicality in addition to the charme of the classic material.

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solid wood

This line has been designed for those who appreciate the pleasure of a precious object reflecting the characteristics of massive wood. The 600 collection is the result of AGOPROFIL® experience and knowledge of raw materials, warranty of great deal of care in details.
Every model can be realized in various essences: black walnut, white oak, yellow poplar. 600, a collection of doors characterized by inlays, profound engravings with different colour shades, also on request. Thanks to advanced technical innovations, as valuable straight edges at 45°, we maintain the linearity of the door surface. 600: a precious furniture complement to make exclusive the environment you live in.

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the pleasure of colours

Interior fun.
FUN, when the lacquered becomes fun.
The FUN collection is the newest reply to the repetitiveness of everyday life.
The originality of the colours, daring and lively, and the variety of the shapes let FUN suit simple and essential rooms, inspired to a taste never out-of-date.

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Passion & Crystal

natural leather &
Agoprofil - porte pensate

Run away with your imagination.
Make  real your  idea of design and be  the absolute protagonist of your creations.
PASSION & CRYSTAL collections will make unique all your ideas.
Ask for your custom-made door.

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wall panelling
project realizations

the beauty will save the world

Refined materials that limitless blend together, doors that complete themselves with the walls in an harmonic fantasy.
Unique drawings, realized on custom, characterize this new area of production
dedicated to whom prefers the elegance and exclusivity of their own house.
Thanks to an endless variety of finishes, either smooth or pantographed, in a classic or modern style,
the wall panelling is ideal to make spaces unique and original or for the metamorphosis of an existing ambient.
Exclusive products that originate from an elegant design research and artisanal care for detail.

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The company has retained, in keeping with tradition, the fundamental principles are essential to the excellence of the product: exclusive use of natural woods, selected with the utmost care. Always seek to understand the consumer and what the market wants, this to be sure of the success of our products. Professionalism is the basis of our work and we believe that our success depends on the success of our customers.



Creativity, imagination, technological and quality analysis. Designing is the base of all our products. From concept we reach perfection through all stages of production design, prototyping and development.


Any expression of creativity makes the environments of your houses an exclusive corner of style. The craftsmanship of our doors is guaranteed by talented professionalswood.



Our Mission evolves  through the years and today still resists: realize doors of very high quality that furnishes the enviroments at best with class, taste and originality in the name of italian design.

We reach our targets, maintaining respect for tradition and the fundamental principles necessary to gain the excellence of the products. Planning and realizing doors for interior with a high artistic value and design.